Saturday, November 1, 2014

Who loves costumes? We do!!!!!!

Halloween this year was bitter sweet.  Sa-weet because these Swanson's will dress up anytime anywhere, and Halloween is the one day of the year we can frolic in our love for costumes.  Bitter because Jeff is back in the States working so we were a pig short for our 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf costumes!  Oh and we miss him too :)  It made most sense for Jeff to be the big bad wolf and me, G, and M to be the 3 little pigs...but G was not having it, so Jeff got bumped and joined the pigs...that was until he left for the US for work :(  Don't worry though, we recruited another pig and alas Halloween was saved!!  Our little buddy Micah stepped in and saved the day for the Swanson's!  Thanks for piggin it up with us Micah!!  G was still not super excited about being the big bad wolf so we softened the blow by saying he was a skate boarding werewolf...say what you will G, but we all know you were indeed the big bad wolf...who skate boards to all the 3 little pigs houses :)

First we trick or treated in our neighborhood on Wednesday night...super fun!  Just the kiddos dressed up for this one, I chased the boys around the neighborhood in the stroller trying to keep up as they ran from house to house :)

Don't worry this wolf loves that baby pig :)
I didn't even notice his mask, I was looking at his cute curls!


These boys might have made 2 loops around the neighborhood...cheaters!
On Thursday night the church had a fun festival...and boy was it fun :)  We were there from about 4:30-8, and G came home with more candy :/  There was tons of games, super fun people, and costumes...what more could you ask for??  

The cupcake ladies...I wanted to get in good with them :)

Sweet smile

The 3 little pigs!!

The 3 little pigs, and the big bad skateboarding wolf!

Notice that tiny curly pig tail...omg adorable!

Betty and April rocked the Bean Bag Toss!

Just an ice cream cone, a pumpkin, and a runner hanging out...normal day in Jaco

Cat napping so she can keep going!

Little smushed face :)

"HOLY COW" Emily that is a great costume!

Nice thumbs up...but it doesn't hide the fact your not in costume!
Beautiful smiles ladies...but they also don't hide the fact you are not dressed in costumes...shape up!!!
Cutest caveman daisy dukes I have ever seen! 

Go ahead and say it, I know your thinking...Mrs. Piggy!!!

Even Endermen need sunglasses in Jaco :)

So many kids, so much candy, I'm sure so many meltdowns as the night went on!

The girl is a party animal...literally!

My sweet little piglet, and wolfster :)
Missing our big pig :(

Mae makes friends wherever she goes!

On Halloween night we went golf cart trick or treating in Los Suenos.  Mae had a Minnie Mouse costume because at first G wasn't sold on being the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf, so she had an extra costume.  It was so adorable, why not wear it also???  In fact why don't I just dye my support hose (I had to wear some after getting my gall bladder surgery) yellow, raid my closet, make some lame sauce felt duck feet, find a white boa and just be Daisy Duck with my little Minnie Mouse...why the heck not???   It was really fun but by the end of the night, we were all so exhausted!  Besides missing Jeff the Swanson's had a great Halloween and as always throughly enjoyed dressing up in costumes!!! 

BamBam and his club!

It was BamBam's first time to trick or treat, and by the end of the night he was a pro!

The big kids!


Daisy duck and Minnie Mouse!

Minnie pooped out from dressing up 3 nights in a row!!  She was a trooper!

Do any kids really keep there mask on once they start trick or treating?

Zack and Jacob

Look at those homemade duck feet over the sandals!   
Mae's head was to big so I had to cut the side of the hat to get it on :)

Only time they all had their mask on :)

Cheek kissing :)

Mae slobbered all over poor Carter's was a love slobber :)

Cutest mouse tail I have every seen!

You are too stinkin cute Miss Minnie!

Some buddies from school!

Just missing Donald Duck

I only have a few short years to match Halloween costumes with Mae, I better enjoy it :)

Daughter mouse tails, and mommy tail feathers...we are quite the pair :)

And that is the end of a very a fun Halloween year!

Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Months!

Super Mae is 3 months old!!  This may come as a shock but we just love this little peanut more than anything!!  The smiles and laughs continue!  Sleep deprivation also continues :)

Miss Mae you are babbling and laughing ALL the time!  It's so fun!  You have finally mastered napping for longer than 40 minutes...thank you I really appreciate that.  You are G are quite the pair, you both frequently take over our bed in the wee hours of the morning squishing me and dad out, but it's pretty sweet so I will allow it for a bit longer :)  G is curious why you have such light skin and why your hair is coming in blond since you are Tica...we aren't sure either but we are hopeful when G takes biology in high school he might find some answers for us.  

You have learned to roll over and there is no stopping you.  You won't sleep on your back anymore, and we can't leave you on the bed or couch anymore you roll around every where!!  Your laugh is so sweet, and you don't hold back, we can make you laugh most any time of the day.  I like to think it's a combination of you having a sweet personality coupled with the fact I am really funny :)  You have been on some pretty fun adventures in month 3, beach trips, school performances, birthday parties, a couple of counseling sessions with mom in which you talked the ENTIRE time thinking they were talking to you!  You have become my little buddy who goes with me everywhere and for the most part are super happy to come along! You, me, and the stroller are pretty much unstoppable, there's not much we can't handle!

You are truly the party girl (in a good way)!  You love people and as long as people are around you are awake and smiling!  A couple of quick cat naps and you would be fine as long as people are there when you wake up!  I have to harness your extrovertness by putting you in a dark quiet room or else you will never sleep!!  You simply love people and love to see what's going on around you.  I have to admit, I am a little afraid of those extrovert signs you are showing...I don't know what I will do with a little extrovert!!  When your face lights up with people around it reminds me of how your dad smiles when he's in a crowd of people.  You 2 might be peas in a pod...G and I will watch y'all from the couch :) 

We love you sweet Mae and are so thankful for your sweet life!  Here's a couple of gems from month 3!

This picture was taken at 8pm after 4 1/2 hours at the church fun festival...most other children were crying having huge meltdowns from exhaustion and sugar highs...not Mae she keeps on going!!

You seriously love people!!!

You guys are never sweeter than when your sleeping 

Morning walks with the girls

"I win" sweet girl, I think those pesky mosquito's won!

Supporting Bub for cultural day

Loving our morning walks!

The headband dilema...

Sweet baby girl

You refuse to sleep on your back anymore!

You still loves those hands :)

Molly stands guard and watches over you when we go to the beach, it's sweet...she does take a couple of breaks to chase birds and hit the waves though.

You have loved our trips to the beach!

My 3 loves

Nap time at the beach!

Pool time with your bro!

Little miss party pants enjoying the party with everyone!

You were so happy, right in the middle with everyone!

Just watching some toons with brother!

Sweet baby blues during one of your favorite times of the day...bath time!!

G picked out your headband :)

The look of determination!  She will be surfing very soon according to G :)

You love your sweet brother!

Your laugh is so sweet I love it!

I love your baby babbles!